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Relationship Compatibility

Čet 16 Jun 2016 - 6:04 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

It is a sad fact of life in Western countries that there exists a high failure rate in relationships. Statistics reveal that about one in three marriages, or worse, will end in divorce. There are, of course, many reasons why couples ultimately break up, but they usually have their basis in a lack of compatibility. How can ‘relationship compatibility’ be measured?

There are various …

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Karma and Love

Pet 15 Apr 2016 - 8:44 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu shows where we are weak and Ketu indicates our power developed from multiple past lives.

‘Karmic Relationships‘ in astrology reveals about relationship between two people.

Every person brings their own karma into relationships, as indicated by position of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in their birth chart.

Cross checking between two individuals birth …

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Moon to Moon

Čet 16 Jun 2016 - 5:54 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Especially before Valentine’s Day many of you are wondering, „how to check whether my horoscope is compatible with the horoscope of my partner?”

First of all, it is important for you to understand, that you will never receive any final „yes” or „no” through Jyotish, because every relationship – be it with your husband, wife, child or buisness partner – has its strong points and …

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Čet 16 Jun 2016 - 5:23 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

In traditional Vedic society one of the most important uses of astrology is to evaluate whether the charts of people who are planning to get married are in agreement to each other.

This is a subject about which a lot of confusion exists. Some traditional astrologers mainly look at the Kutas agreement. At first sight, this seems to be an extensive system, but in fact it is only based on how well …

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Astrology and Marriage Issues

Sub 21 Maj 2016 - 21:34 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

This article will give a bird's eye view of various aspects of marriage that Astrology can cover to ensure harmony and happiness in marriage. Certain simple combinations that cover nine aspects of marriage issues are indicated below.

1. Timing of marriage

1. Saturn, during transit, should create a relation with 7th house or 7th lord from Lagna, Moon or 'kalatra' significator Venus (for …

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Karmic Relationship through Synastry

Pet 15 Apr 2016 - 8:46 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Sun is the King, Pride, Inspiration, Ego, and Leadership.

Man’s Rahu (North Node) falls on Women Sun : Rahu/North Node amplify the Sun quality of women, which is not good synastry match, because Sun is king, pride, inspiration, ego, and leadership. Initially man attracts towards women authoritative and leadership role, but with time they don’t like woman in leading role. With time it will …

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