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Podelne karte - objašnjenje

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Re: Podelne karte - objašnjenje

Počalji od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी taj Čet 4 Jun 2015 - 4:23

D1 Kundala : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D1_Kundali.htm

D2 Hora : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D2_Hora.htm

D3 Dreškamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D3_Dreshkhamsha.htm

D4 Čaturthamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D4_Chaturthamsha.htm

D6 Šastamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D6_Shastamsha.htm

D7 Saptamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D7_Saptamsha.htm

D8 Aštamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D8_Ashtamsha_Varga_Tajika.htm

D9 Navamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D9_Navamsha.htm

D10 Dašamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D10_Dashamsha.htm

D11 Rudramša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D11_Rudramsha_Tajik.htm

D12 Dvadašamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D12_Dwadashamsha.htm

D16 Sodašamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D16_Shodashamsha.htm

D20 Vimšamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D20_Vimshamsha.htm

D24 Sidhšamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D24_Siddhamsha.htm

D27 Bhamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D27_Bhamsha.htm

D30 Trimšamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D30_Trimshamsha.htm

D40 Khavedamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D40_Khavedamsha.htm

D45 Akšavedamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D45_Akshavedamsha.htm

D60 Šaštjamša : http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Varga/D60_Shashtyamsha.htm
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Re: Podelne karte - objašnjenje

Počalji od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी taj Čet 3 Nov 2016 - 14:58

The Navamsha Chart -
The Navamsa Chart is one of the Varga Charts. Now Varga means Division. We have the Shadvargas (6 Divisions of the Lagna) and the Saptavargas (7 Divisions) among the Shodashvargas (16 Divisions) which are more famous or commonly used. Among these is the Navamsa Chart. This is the most important Divisional Chart.
This importance can be better explained by an example -
Two persons born in same week when Jupiter was in same Sign, will they have same results with respect to Jupiter? For instance suppose Jupiter was in Cancer for both of them and in same Lagna. Would it cause Panch Mahapurush Yoga for both of them?

Answer - No it would Not . Though the degrees may be quite similar but Navamsa would change, making all the difference in the results of Jupiter, for both of them.

Nav-amsa means the 9th Part of a Sign where each part consists of 3.20 Degrees (Remember that One Zodiac sign is of 30 Degrees, therefore 3.20 Degrees x 9 Parts = 30 Degrees or 1 Sign).

Analogy to the Importance of the D9 Chart

If the Raashi Chart (D/1 Chart) is the Body, then the Navamsa (D/9) Chart is the Backbone of that Body.

If the Raashi Chart is the Tree, then the Navamsa Chart is the Fruits of that tree.

If the Navamsa Chart is an XRay report, then the Navamsa Chart is a Sonography report.

Use of the Navamsa Chart

(From here on we will refer to it as the D/9 Chart whenever I remember to type so)

1) The D/9 Chart is usually studied to look for Marital happiness. If we have Natural benefics like say Venus or Jupiter in the 7th House in Navamsa Chart then the marriage would be a Happy one. Vice versa results if there are Malefics placed in the 7th House in Navamsa Chart.

2) To gauge the strength of a Planet in Natal Chart.

Say for instance if Saturn is Exalted in Natal Chart but placed in debilitation Raashi in D/9, then do Not expect it to give Exaltation results in the natives Life.

3) To know whether a Graha (Planet) is Vargottama.If a Planetis Vargottama placed then it will give superb results during its Dasha. What does Vargottama mean? It means that the Planet is placed in same Raashi (Sign) in both Raashi (Natal) Chart and in D/9 Chart too. For example Venus placed in Pisces both in Natal Chart and Navamsa Chart makes the Venus Vargottama.

4) When the Navamsha Lagna is Vargottama the Native would rise very high in the areas he is into. Vargottama Navamsa means when the Lagna of Raashi Chart (Natal Chart) and Navamsa Chart, is same. For example I have a Vargottama Lagna. My Asnedant in Natal Chart is Leo, and in Navamsha Chart also the Ascendant is Leo.

5) To know about one’s Profession what it could be. Normally one has to study the Navamsha placement of the 10th Lord of the Birth Chart to find this. For example in my Navamsha Chart I have Mars and Rahu placed in the 10th House, therefore whole my Life I was associated with the Furnace Industry (Mars + Rahu combo denotes Furnaces and Boilers) . The 10th Lord of my Natal Chart is Venus which is placed in the 5th House of the Navamsa Chart in Sign of Jupiter,with Ketu behind. This is the reasons that I have also been actively associated with Jyotish and ‘Guru’ type activities. (You will get further examples to read in BV Ramans Book – How to Judge Horoscopes)

6) The appearance and qualities of a Person can be known through co-relation of the Natal Lagna and the Navamsa Lagna. For instance Fiery Lagna and Fiery Navamsa Lagna will make the person too hyper active, impulsive, ready to fight and argue with others, uncontrollable and rash etc. He will have a Rough appearance and will not fall sick soon. Similarly Watery ascendants in both D1 and D9 chart will make one more Delicate in Looks, more vulnerable to ill health and more emotional. Similarly you may mix the D1 and D9 Charts for Air + Water, Air + Fire, Air + Earth etc.

7) To check Longevity the simple way. Here the Navamsa Raashi of both the Lagna Lord as well as the Raashi (Moon) Lord is taken into considerations.

(I cannot teach you all what is there in Jyotish. You will have to begin reading good Books from here on. I will keep suggesting you in due course what must be read. Do selective reading of Selective Authors).

8) The Moon is an important planet in Indian Astrology, and its amsa plays a very important role in telling us about what a person’s mental inclinations would be which would lead him to performing Karma’s thereof. (Buy the Hindi Book Maansagari to get complete picture about such information’s).

9) The Navamsa Lagna indicates in which limb a chord would be tied around a new born child (We are not interested in such predictions and stay away from all this).

10) Sunapha, Anapha, Durdhura are Chandra adhi Yogas which we have learnt in a previous Lesson. Some authorities are of the view, that these Yogas must be checked from the Navamsha position of the Moon.

11) To study RajYogas in a Horoscope (a) When the Moon occupies its own Amsa and is aspected by Venus (b) When Venus placed in Pisces in Natal Chart is Vargottamsa.

12) To check a Neechbhanga RajYoga. For ex. If the Lord of a Debilitated planet be in Kendra or Kona, and if Ascendant be a moveable sign, or if its Lord be placed in a Moveable sign or Amsa (Don’t break your head in many such Rules. It’s a waste of time and energy).

13) To study Events in Native’s Life through transits. For example a Child may be born when Jupiter in transit arrives at the Raashi and Navamsa indicated by the sum of the longitudes of the Lord of the 5th House, Jupiter, the planet occupying the 5th House, and the planet aspecting it. (These Rules are too complicated so don’t try them in Actual).

14) To check the time of Copulations (The Navamsa Raashi of the Moon indicates what would be the Moons position at time of Copulations). (Don’t try to find out such matters. Its again a waste of time and efforts).

15) To check the longevity of the Wife through Jupiter’s transit through certain Amsas of the Lord of the 1st and the Lord of the 7th (Don’t try finding out this too. It would turn out to be a Horror story for your own self).

16) One can find out about fertility of some female by using a formula on navasma where longitude of Jupiter, Moon, and Mars is taken into considerations. (I am not going in details for not interested. Just mentioning here that there are hundreds of uses of the Navamsa Chart if someone wants to spend a Life time in studying this).

17) How a Females Husband would be, can be judged from the 7th House and its Navamsha, in a Females Horoscope.
18) The 8th House and its Navamsa also tell us about the afflictions which may attack one’s health, and death too in including its timings.

19) The Navamsa chart can also be looked into, to ascertain ones issues (Children).

20) The Navamsa is also looked into, to understand whether a person would settle in Home Country or in a foreign Country, professionally.

Note: The above Note Is not exhaustive and its not easy to find out all what is written above. For that you will have to buy standard Books and study what is written, note down the formulae’s, and apply them on own and family members charts to gain actual experience of application of same.

The above excersise was just for you to know that the Navamsa can be made use of, for multiple purposes, in Traditional Indian Jyotish

I could have listed the formulas, but I myself do not use them and it would be too tedious and time taking for me to write so much which is not necessary.

The intentions of this Course is to teach you (To swim) necessary Parts of everything that we must know in Indian Vedic Astrology, and whichever topic is of your interest, you can go for detailed study by referring to several text Books available in the Market.

(In the next lesson we will learn some simple Rules for Predicting and also take up few other topics related to Navamsa)

Krishna Kumar Bagri ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/214459198680771/
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Broj poruka : 1236
Datum upisa : 03.06.2015
Godina : 99
Lokacija : प्रभात


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